Why Some People Choose Metal Sunglasses

Although there are some exceptions the average sunglasses frames are either made out of plastic, or they are made out of metal. The type of sunglass frame that you prefer is going to depend on your personal preferences. Most metal sunglasses are aviator style and are very similar to the sunglasses worn in the movie Top Gun.

People who are in a position of authority, such as police officers and military personnel generally seem to favor metal sunglasses. The metal sunglasses tend to give their face a harder edge and make the person that they are talking to automatically respect them.

There are several reasons that some people favor the metal frames over the plastic ones. The one most commonly given is air flow. The average pair of plastic off white sunglasses is designed in such a way that they sit very close to the wearers face. This isn’t a problem on cool days are while in an air-conditioned car, but once you step out in the summer heat, you can literally feel the warmth starting to build up behind the frames. Sometimes condensation will form on the lenses.

Metal sunglasses are designed to sit a bit further away from your face and are designed in such a way that the heat has plenty of places to escape.

Comfort is another common reason some people favor the metal sunglasses. All of the brands and styles of metal sunglasses are really lightweight. The same can’t be said for sunglasses that have plastic frames. The longer you wear the plastic sunglasses, the heavier they start to feel. Most people find that they have to pull the plastic sunglasses off from time to time just to give their ears and nose a bit of a break. On the other hand, sunglasses with metal frames can be worn all day long without causing the wearer the slightest bit of discomfort.

One of the things many sunglasses owners have started to notice is that they have to replace their plastic sunglasses somewhat more frequently than they have to replace the metal frames. The plastic just doesn’t seem to hold up to as much wear and tear. The metal frames generally aren’t damaged by minor abuse, and if something does happen to them, it is usually possible to gently end the frame back into its original shape.

The only people who really struggle when it comes to metal sunglasses are individuals who are allergic to certain types of metals. Although it is possible to find metal frames that are constructed out of different types of metals, most people who struggle to manage allergies find that their life is simplest if they just stick to plastic framed sunglasses.

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