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A Combi boiler replacement can add usable space to living quarters

It is a fact of life that all things wear out over time. Sooner or later this will be true of old fashioned hot water and central heating boilers. Rather than dreading the expense when the time comes, alert consumers will recognize the occasion as an opportunity to make a change for the better by upgrading to a Combi boiler replacement. Most people will find that these modern units are reasonably priced, and once the initial monetary outlay has been surpassed, the energy saving properties of these Geen warm water boilers can be impressive. These, in turn, equate to savings in the pocketbook.

Modern combination boilers, or Combis as they are called, actually offer a sort of ‘two for one’ exchange. They have been carefully and efficiently designed to replace both the household hot water boiler and the central heating boiler, hence the term Combi. Since these units operate on demand, no hot water cylinder is required. This means that a Combi boiler replacement will save a considerable amount of space in the air closet. All the floor space therein becomes available, because the Combis can be hung on a wall. The real bonus, however, is that the central heating boiler can then be done away with altogether.

Virtually any boiler purchased today will be of the condensation type, which recaptures water vapor that used to simply disappear up the flu. In most cases these are required by law, and can save up to a quarter of the energy used by an old style unit. A Combi boiler replacement requires even less energy than that, because it need not continue to burn gas in order to maintain the temperature of stored water that has already been heated – and reheated – while waiting to be used. This attribute makes so much common sense that it is hard to ignore.

Which manufacturer builds the best gas boiler? It is not the function of this article to make specific endorsements. The list of reputable makers, however, includes Baxi, Glow-Worm, Ideal, Keston, Worcester and a number of others. A good reseller carries competing product lines and can help the consumer to make an informed decision regarding what is best for a particular application. Whatever the make or model, however, the consumer can view a Combi boiler replacement as chance to take a step forward in life, rather than a grudging but necessary effort to maintain the status quo.


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