Seeing the World Through Designer Sunglasses – A Concise Guide to Fashion and Function

Ever since modern sunglasses were introduced by Sam Foster in 1929, it has become both an item of fashion and of function. Celebrities and common citizens, royals and subjects, rich and poor all wear them in various shapes and sizes, price and performance, color and charm.

Nowadays, designer sunglasses are the rage for its up-to-date fashion and state-of-the-art function. However, before you swipe that credit card and shell out that money, know these basics for choosing the perfect style for you.

Sunglasses for Your Facial Shape

In foresight, your bad fashion styles lead to the utterances of four-letter words starting with the letters “f” and “s” that have no business being read in respectable articles. (Well, maybe “What the hell was I thinking?” is a suitable substitute) This goes the same for designer cool sunglasses, too, particularly as it is perched on the most obvious and most naked part of your body.

Thus, you need to determine the perfect shape of sunglasses for your facial shape. The basic rules are generally that round faces look best in square and rectangular frames while square faces appear softer with round and oval frames. If you have an oval face, lucky you because you can wear sunglasses of just about any shape!

Of course, your face is not only about jaw lines. Your have to take into account your nose and your eyes in choosing the right designer sunglasses. In these areas, the best tips are usually that wide noses go best with rimless and metal frames, long noses appear shorter with plastic frames on a low bridge, and button noses deserve more exposure with high bridges and metal frames. If you have a skinny nose and an oval face, you will be the subject of envy because you can get away with anything! (Boo-hoo for the rest of humanity)

As to your eyes, dark designer sunglasses can hide eye bags, eye wrinkles, eye defects and emotions, not to mention, red puffy eyes from the late nights gained from looking extra-cool in your sunglasses and picking up more women (or men) than before.

That being said, be sure that your sunglasses are of the small variety when you have close-set eyes. When you are blessed (or cursed, depending on how you see it) with wide-set eyes, large sunglasses are for you. Lucky you because oversized polarized sunglasses for men are all the rage now! Ever seen any model on a fashion magazine with small sunglasses? Nope, unless you are looking at sports magazines.

Colors Everywhere!

Fortunately for us mortals, designer sunglasses come in a colorful array ranging from the palest of reds to the darkest of blacks. You don’t have to be stuck with the fashion faux pas of wearing dark sunglasses indoors when you can have pale-colored lenses or be the suffering mortal enduring the glare of mountain sunlight when you can wear the appropriate dark UV sunglasses. For every situation in life, you most certainly can find the perfect sunglasses to do the job of either protecting your eyes or projecting your image or both!

And did you know that color-tunable sunglasses are being developed? You can actually switch the colors of your sunglasses at the flip of a switch! Though the technology is still in its early stages of development with the colors switching only between dark blue and clear shades, you might just see sunglasses switching to more colors faster than you can blink your eye! One word – cool.

High-Tech Sunglasses

When something as beautiful as designer sunglasses become all the rage, you can expect technology to step in and take it one step further into the fashionably utilitarian multi-tasking level.

Oakley continues to develop its line of MP3 and Bluetooth-enabled designer sunglasses that allows you to listen to music and engage in hands-free talk while doing strenuous activities and protecting your windows to the soul. If developments like these come at a faster pace, you might live to see the day when sunglasses can perform superhuman feats. X-ray vision, mind reader, deadly laser weapon, seeing-eye for the blind, anyone?

When purchasing sunglasses, you have to ensure that you get value for your money. You are not only purchasing a product meant to perform the practical function of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and protecting secrets your windows to the soul can give away, you are also buying an item that can help you become fashionably poised. And believe me when I say that sunglasses can give you more confidence than you are actually feeling! After all, sunglasses represent badass attitude in more ways than one.

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