Sediment Filter – There Are Better Ways to Get Safe Drinking Water

Have you seen in the media, ads for the new sediment filter and figured that it would be a terrific idea to run down to the department store and purchase one for your home? Before you go out to make this sort of purchase there are possibly a few things that you should know about this little device. In all honesty it is not all that the manufacturers make it out to be.

Unless you reside in a location where you have no other option but to get your drinking water from some sort of natural source, you don’t need to buy a sediment water filter. If you do live in such an area, there are far better options available for you to use.

If I needed some type of device for the demineralization of my drinking water I would definitely have to say that I would choose a reverse osmosis system over a simple sediment filter any day.

The reverse osmosis home filtration system is also more effective at getting rid of all the sediment from your tap water than a simple sediment water filter device can.

If you look at the fine print on the web ads for many sediment filters, they inform you that actually you have to buy are two separate filters in order to ensure that your drinking water is clean.

They are selling you the one filter for the main water line running into the house, and then a countertop filter system that actually cleans your water. But buying two filters isn’t totally necessary for two reasons.

Firstly, since most people get water from their local treatment facility, all of the sediment has already been removed prior to the chlorine disinfection process.

Secondly, drinking water filtration systems such as the reverse osmosis and wholehouse systems are stand alone devices that can eliminate a lot more than sediment from your tap water. It isn’t necessary to purchase an additional filtration system and waste your hard-earned cash.

Even though your drinking water is free of sediment, and disinfected before it ever reaches your home that does not mean that it is safe for you to drink.

All types of bacterial and chemical contaminants are in our water system and regardless of what water suppliers endeavor to do with antiquated equipment at their treatment facilities, they are still unable to stop these contaminants from getting into your tap water.

A sediment filter certainly will not provide the comprehensive protection you or your family needs against these chemical or bacterial contaminants.

The best choice for you would be to purchase and install a top rated home water purification system that features an granular activated carbon filter, a multi media blocker, a sub micron filter, and an ion exchange. This is all that you need in order to keep your family safe and healthy.

Why waste your money on a sediment filter when it only picks up sand? What you need is all around protection from the contaminants that threaten you, and a sand catcher simply won’t do the trick.

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