Podcast Transcription Solutions Improves Social Presence

There are a number of podcast solution providers who can transcribe your podcast accurately at a cost-effective price. Transcribing your podcast can make your podcast optimized on major search engines and help you to reach a large number of people.

Podcast transcription software can convert MP4 file format into different text formats such as PDF, Word, and more and can also add images too. When your podcast are converted into text, people can skin through the content and get a brief of your podcast.

Despite improved speech recognition technologies available, free podcast software has turned obsolete with lot of gross inadequacies, errors and distortions. Podcast transcription has replaced software due to complexities in audio to text recognition. Though Podcast software is now widespread, human transcription is becoming increasingly accepted. The high level of integration with word processing has helped human podcast transcription service in the field of document production is proving the ideal choice. There are a number of transcription companies which provides top class Podcast transcription solutions to enterprises for promoting their product or service online for various podcast such as:


  • Podcast of Meetings
  • Podcast of Lectures
  • Podcast of Conferences
  • Podcast of Seminars
  • Podcast of Speeches
  • Podcast of Focus groups
  • Podcast of TV commentaries


Podcast services are available in different business domains such as healthcare, Government, Education, Universities, Defence, Telecom, Courts, and more. MP4 transcription services allows you to convert spoken audio into text version accurately, including those with heavy accent, from different audio file formats like MP3, WAV and WMA. Podcast transcription solution helps businesses to increase their visibility in the web, improve their search engine ranking and earn better return on investment. Podcast transcription services are easier to use with listen-and-type process, that are keyword-rich which however comes at a very low cost and high time-to-market factors. Transcription service providers can also provide custom MP4 transcription services in the internet with time-sync that enable people to browse the particular video content by using the relevant hyperlinks. If you understand the world of customers, then a good podcast transcription service should provide effective solutions to meet customer’s requirements even in tight deadlines without affecting the quality of software delivered.



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