Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Peace of Mind and Kindness

The value of your personal brand as a inmuebles en venta cdmx marketing professional is the extraordinary promise of value that you offer your clients and referral sources. Contrary to what most people think, it is not just great service that makes you stand out. Great service is simply the price of admission among top tier agents. Then, what is the added value that can make you stand out?

Think of diamonds. You can purchase a flawless diamond at Macy’s or at Tiffany & Company and get wonderful customer service at both stores. What if identical diamonds (size, weight, cut etc.) were purchased from the same source and sold under different labels. They both would have the same intrinsic value. But, prestigious brands can command a premium price because of the perception of added value and the emotional satisfaction that the brand can bring.

Today’s luxury consumers are beginning to revolt against needless markups on products just as they are questioning the commissions that agents are asking. And, rightly so! Many luxury brands now are finding that they have to justify their expensive price tags or cave-in to discounting. Why is it that certain brands, such as Tiffany & Company, can stand firm with the genuine confidence that they are worth it?

As a luxury real estate marketing professional you must discover your full value in order to command higher commissions; and that value must be defined in other ways beyond excellent service. The added emotional value that must be associated with your brand is the peace of mind and kindness that you offer your clients.

There can be no price tag placed on peace of mind and kindness, as both are in short supply. The key is to attract those clients who can appreciate this level of added value. Then, build your personal brand around it. To quote the Dali Lama, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible”.

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