Explore Innovative Motorcycle Windscreen Extension Solutions

Motorcycle windscreen extensions have evolved significantly, offering innovative solutions to enhance the riding experience. These advancements provide riders with increased comfort, better wind protection, and improved aerodynamics. Here, we explore some of the most innovative motorcycle windscreen extension solutions available today.

MRA X-Creen Tour Variable Windscreen Spoiler Blade

The MRA X-Creen Tour Variable Windscreen Spoiler Blade stands out for its dual-hinge mechanism, which allows for precise adjustments in both height and angle. This flexibility ensures optimal wind protection tailored to individual preferences and riding conditions. The spoiler is crafted from high-quality acrylic, ensuring durability and clarity. This innovation in adjustability and material quality makes it a top choice for riders seeking a customizable motorcycle windscreen extension.

Puig Clip-On Windscreen Visor

Puig’s Clip-On Windscreen Visor is another innovative solution in the motorcycle windscreen extension market. Its clip-on design simplifies installation and removal, making it a convenient option for riders who frequently switch between different riding styles or conditions. The visor’s aerodynamic shape effectively reduces wind noise and turbulence, enhancing rider comfort. Puig’s attention to ease of use and aerodynamic efficiency sets this product apart.

Touratech Windscreen Spoiler

Touratech’s Windscreen Spoiler is designed with adventure riders in mind. This motorcycle windscreen extension offers robust construction to withstand the rigors of off-road riding. It is fully adjustable, allowing for quick modifications to suit varying terrains and weather conditions. Touratech’s focus on durability and adaptability makes this extension a reliable choice for adventure enthusiasts.

Givi Airflow Windscreen Extension

Givi’s Airflow Windscreen Extension features a unique sliding mechanism that enables effortless height adjustments. This motorcycle windscreen extension is made from tough polycarbonate, ensuring long-lasting performance and clear visibility. The sliding adjustment system allows riders to quickly find the optimal position for wind protection, making it an innovative and practical solution for long-distance travelers.

Wunderlich Ergo 3D+ Windscreen Deflector

The Wunderlich Ergo 3D+ Windscreen Deflector is specifically designed for BMW motorcycles, offering a seamless fit and integration. Its 3D adjustment system allows for precise positioning, providing tailored wind protection and noise reduction. This motorcycle windscreen extension stands out for its model-specific design and advanced adjustability, catering to the unique needs of BMW riders.

National Cycle VStream Windscreen Extension

National Cycle’s VStream Windscreen Extension is renowned for its innovative V-shape design. This design directs airflow away from the rider, significantly reducing wind pressure and noise. Made from durable polycarbonate with a Quantum hardcoat, this motorcycle windscreen extension offers excellent durability and scratch resistance. The VStream’s aerodynamic innovation and robust construction make it a favorite among touring riders.

Spoiler Puig Multi-Adjustable Clip-On Windscreen

The Spoiler Puig Multi-Adjustable Clip-On Windscreen combines versatility with ease of use. Its multi-adjustable feature allows riders to fine-tune the height and angle, providing customized wind protection. The clip-on mechanism simplifies installation, making it accessible for riders of all skill levels. Puig’s focus on multi-functionality and user-friendly design highlights this motorcycle windscreen extension as a top choice for everyday riders.

Madstad Engineering Adjustable Windshield Systems

Madstad Engineering offers a unique approach to motorcycle windscreen extensions with their adjustable windshield systems. These systems use a patented bracket design that allows the windscreen to be adjusted not just in height but also in tilt angle. This dual adjustment capability ensures optimal airflow management and significantly reduces buffeting and turbulence, providing a smoother and quieter ride. Madstad’s innovative bracket system sets a new standard in windscreen adjustability.


The advancements in motorcycle windscreen extension solutions offer riders enhanced comfort, protection, and performance. Innovations such as dual-hinge mechanisms, sliding adjustments, model-specific designs, and multi-adjustable features provide tailored wind protection for various riding styles and conditions. Brands like MRA, Puig, Touratech, Givi, Wunderlich, National Cycle, and Madstad Engineering lead the market with their innovative designs and high-quality materials. Investing in these cutting-edge windscreen extensions can transform your riding experience, offering the comfort and protection needed for both daily commutes and long-distance adventures.

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