Eight Curing Features of Green Gemstones

1. Often, green gemstones consist of various styles which include grassy green, shades, emerald, apple green, forest, malachite, lime, moss, olive, sea green, Kelly green, jade etc. For the purposes of psychic healing and physical healing, these gemstones are considered as the most influential.

2. If some special gemstones were to be discussed, the most significant of them all would be the emerald but there are other green stones such as, peridot, chrysoprase, tsavorite, chrysoberyl, bloodstone, alexandrite tourmaline, chrome tourmaline, chrome diopside and jade which prove useful too. Such green emeralds are essentially used for various healing purposes such as peace, love, affection, physical vigor, psychic power, depression, hypertension, high cholesterol clairvoyance, rehabilitation, spiritualism, malignancy, diabetes and high blood pressure, etc. Thus, we discover that each gem is unique and has a paranormal psychic ability of its own which is useful for the victims.

3. Other than the above, there are many other green gems such as sapphire, spinel, malachite, gaspeite uvarovite garnet, drusy, opals, agate, turquoise, mawsitsit, zoisite and berly. These Tansanit gemstones help in various healing processes such as combating with evil spirits (demons, ghosts and especially witchcrafts), eye injury, retardation, psychic disorder, artery diseases, high blood pressure, spine injury, dizziness, causality, high cholesterol, and avoiding certain thefts. Apart from these advantages and properties, these green gemstones are also used for showing sincerity, love, peace, honesty, happiness, truth and entirely sympathy.

4. The symbol of money and wealth is the green gemstone as made popular by people around us who wear the green gem quite confidently to portray themselves as rich people just by wearing these gems. Women take special interest in these gems since they consider themselves as powerful, wealthy, sexy and influential in society by simply wearing these gemstones.

5. Green gemstone is the bringer of happiness and prosperity in a manner in which everyone performs their duties to the fullest with fun and emotion, which in turn brings about cheerfulness among people.

6. The green gemstone helps in uplifting the emotions of people. In case a person does not acquire a permanent job or is underemployed, the green gem would remove all his sad feelings and emotions and would make him cheerful again.

7. The green gemstone brings about a distinct sort of psychic and physical healing for pregnant women who suffer from certain acute aches during the time of delivery. Do not get worried for wearing a green gem would bring forth a healthy baby into this world and along with it, infinite happiness in your life.

8. Wearing jewelry with green gemstones embedded in it is recommended for one and all since it bring about calm and peace for both the mind and the body. The green gem is believed to be an effective aphrodisiac which is based on the 15th century custom which requires the brides dress to be green due to its spiritualism, symbolism and productiveness.

Concluding remarks

In short, it can be said that green gemstones are healing stones which posses powerful psychic and physical healing powers which enhance serenity, love and pacification. Of late, disorders such as manic disorders hypo maniac, bipolar, schizophrenia, artery disorders as well as spine injuries are being treated and healed by the use of green gemstones.

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