A Parent’s Guide to ADHD Symptoms

Classroom Modifications for Children with ADHD or Concentration Issues

Are you frustrated with your child’s behaviour? Have you wondered if they’re displaying signs of ADHD? There are some specific characteristics and ADHD symptoms to look for. Not everything surrounding a child with ADHD is negative, there are some positive traits they may display as well. And if there’s a chance you’re of your child being diagnosed with ADHD, there are some things you need to consider. Before treating a child with ADHD symptoms, there is some information you should be aware of, and we’ll go through some of that as well. By the time you’ve finished this article you will know more about the signs and symptoms of ADHD and have some ideas for treating an ADHD child.

Let’s first go through the list of ADHD symptoms:

  • Fidgeting
  • Tantrums
  • Mood swings
  • Hyperactivity
  • Difficulty completing tasks
  • Outbursts

The important thing to remember when trying to determine whether or not your child might have ADHD is all kids do all of these things at some time or another. The difference is a child with ADHD will display a cluster of these behaviours, and it will be a constant pattern. ADHD has nothing to do whatsoever with talent or intelligence. Many children with signs of ADHD are actually quite gifted, either artistically or intellectually.

Fortunately, not everything to do with ADHD is negative. Often children with signs of ADHD will also show some other positive traits. Children who have ADHD will often be very creative. Because they spend a great deal of time day-dreaming, they may have a fountain of ideas. They can be very flexible as well. Because they are considering a lot of different options at once, they don’t become set on one particular way of doing things and can be open to other methods. Children with ADHD can definitely be a lot of fun to be around. There is no lacking of enthusiasm and spontaneity. They can be interested in many different things and be quite animated at times. When children with add symptomsare motivated to do a task that interests them, if that activity is interactive or hands on, you may have a hard time dragging them away. They will work very hard to succeed at that particular activity.

Typically when people think of children with ADHD symptoms, they picture a totally out of control child, someone who can’t sit still and constantly disrupts everyone around them. But this is not the only possible picture. There are 3 primary characteristics of ADHD. They are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Depending on which characteristics are predominate in your child will determine which signs of ADHD they display.

When your child is diagnosed with ADHD, often the first recommendation for treatment is prescription drugs. This is something definitely worth more of your time researching before you commit to it. There are potentially serious side effects from taking prescription medications for ADHD symptoms. Yes they can suppress the symptoms, but they can also risk your child’s health. The list of possible side effects is a long one and includes things like nausea, vomiting, social withdrawal and loss of appetite. There are also fairly serious risks associated with long term medication use. Things like increased risk of depression or addiction problems as an adult. An alternative to treating your child with these heavy prescription drugs, is using a natural treatment like homeopathy. Homeopathy is completely safe, there are no side effects and it is not addictive. Many parents have transitioned successfully to treating the signs of ADHD with natural health remedies in order to treat their children effectively, without risk.

We’ve covered some very important information here. The different ADHD symptoms to look at when trying to determine if your child is suffering from ADHD. We’ve covered the different characteristics of ADHD to look for. And we’ve also gone over different treatments options are available to you should you find yourself in a position of needing to treat the different signs of ADHD. ADHD is something that can cause some turbulence in your family’s life. It can also show itself in some positive ways in your child’s life. How you move forward from here is up to you. To a child with ADHD, the world can often seem like an unpredictable place. With some patience and understanding on your part, along with the right treatment, you can help your child to make it more predictable and give them a sense of balance.

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